March 2019
Grand Hyatt São Paulo
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Letter from the President 2018

Kasuo Miyake

The event

The International Meeting on Aesthetic Phlebology - IMAP has already become a worldwide reference in the development of aesthetic phlebology and venous treatments that also lead to improve the patient's quality of life.

In 2018 we will be at the exclusive Grand Hyatt São Paulo for the third time. Investing in an international convention center is key: more comfort results in more learning! The speakers and participants live for three days in an environment that frutifies knowledge, collaboration and, especially, friendship.

Just a day before IMAP, there will be the unprecedented CLaCS and Ultrasound Hands-on Day that will be addressed at the new Miyake Clinic. In a perfectly designed 500m2 space, which was created to host the selected and highly demanded Professor Miyake's audience, there will be many flebosuítes, where each participant will be able to practice the technique in loco, surrounded by all comfort and cutting-edge technology in a unique and enriching experience of intense learning.

In each of the 7 years already achieved, a new challenge was accomplished.

In 2017, we had another broken record that was the participation of 20 countries. In 2018, we expect a new record with more than 500 participants.

The big step of 2017 was the definitive change to English as the official IMAP language. Watch the video and see. Renowned physicians from several countries felt better welcomed and were impressed with the quality in every detail of IMAP.

Live IMAP annually and be part of the world's phlebology elite!
See you there!!!
Best regards,

Kasuo Miyake

Winners in previous years

  • 2017: Dr. Denis Borsuk Russia
  • 2016: Dr. Willy Young Wei-Chi EUA
  • 2015: Fabricio Santiago MD, PhD Brasil
  • 2014: Ronald Fidelis MD, PhD Brasil
  • 2013: Miguel Francischelli Neto MD, PhD Brasil
  • 2012: Ted King MD, FACPh
  • 2011: Marcondes Figueiredo MD, PhD Brasil

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