2, 3 e 4 de março
Grand Hyatt São Paulo
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Programação Científica

Friday - March 2nd

Time Title/Event Speaker
8:00-8:05 OPENING CASE
8:08-8:18 Evaluating Quality of Life in aesthetic patients Daiane Albernaz (Brazil/RS)
8:21-8:31 Optimizing aesthetics in phlebology: a rational treatment workflow Fabricio Santiago (Brazil/GO)
8:34-8:44 Ultrasonographic evaluation of reticular veins and telangiectasias Robson Miranda (Brazil/SP)
8:47-8:57 Challenges of CLacS over the years since its inception Kasuo Miyake (Brazil/SP)
9:00-9:10 The potential of 1064 nm lasers in phlebology practice Fabricio Santiago (Brazil/GO)
9:13-9:23 Three years' CLaCS experience in Serbia: Results and Perspectives Petar Dragic (Serbia)
9:26-9:30 #Vasculadies:1year of shared knowledge and fun Flávia Magella (Brazil/SP)
9:33-9:39 Women in Vascular Surgery: a brief analysis of brazilian profile Fernanda Costa (Brazil/BA)
9:39-9:59 DISCUSSION Moderador: Fedor Lurie (USA)
10:02-10:22 Coffee Break
10:25-10:30 OPENING CASE
10:33-10:43 Sclerotherapy safety revision and latest news Sergio Gianesini (Italy)
10:46-10:56 Ultrasound guided tumescence foam sclerotherapy for non-saphenous varicosities Denis Borsuk (Russia)
10:59-11:09 Ultrasound guided foam slcerotherapy: tips & tricks Sergio Gianesini (Italy)
11:12-11:22 Complications of Foam Sclerotherapy Marcondes Figueiredo (Brazil/MG)
11:25-11:35 Management of the post sclerotherapy hyperpigmentation Breno Seabra (Brazil/ES)
11:38-11:48 Thermavein on facial and leg telangiectasias John Fisher (UK)
11:51-12:01 DISCUSSION Moderador: Lowell Kabnick (USA)
12:04-12:24 CLaCS Live Demonstration Kasuo Miyake (Brazil/SP)
12:27-13:57 Lunch
14:00-14:05 OPENING CASE
14:08-14:18 Photographic Documentation:Technical Aspects Kasuo Miyake (Brazil/SP)
14:21-14:31 Photographic Documentation:Workflow Marcelo Grill (Brazil/SP)
14:34-14:57 Change in perception of sclerotherapy results after exposure to pre-post intervention photographs Fabricio Santiago (Brazil/GO)
15:00-15:10 Why do we need photography in aesthetic phlebology? Gustavo Barroso (Brazil/BA)
15:13-15:36 Photographic Documentation: Legal Aspects Camila do Vale Jimene (Brazil/SP)
15:39-15:59 DISCUSSION Moderador: Rodrigo Bono Fukushima (Brazil/SP)
16:02-16:22 Coffe Break
16:25-16:30 OPENING CASE
16:33-16:43 Venous procedures: to stage or not? Fabricio Santiago (Brazil/GO)
16:46-16:56 Mini-invasive surgery for varicose veins: is it still an option? Sergio Gianesini (Italy)
16:59-17:09 Optimization of aesthetic treatment of varices by conventional techniques Calogero Presti (Brazil/SP)
17:12-17:22 Treatment of superficial varices with intravenous laser: 5 years of experience Alexandre Reis e Silva (Brazil/SP)
17:25-17:35 Hand and face veins endovenous laser ablation Charles Esteves (Brazil/GO)
17:38-17:48 Update in the management of hand veins Chris Pittman (USA)
17:51-18:01 Therapeutic approach for foot veins: Endolaser and Phlebectomy Luiz Fernando Albernaz (Brazil/RS)
18:04-18:24 DISCUSSION Moderador: Fedor Lurie (USA)
20:00 Dinner with the Experts

Saturday - March 3rd

Time Title/Event Speaker
8:00-8:05 OPENING CASE
8:08-8:18 Ultrasonographic evaluation of the deep venous system in patients with CEAP 1 and 2 Robson Miranda (Brazil/SP)
8:21-8:31 The role of gate-keeper popliteal vein valve in hemodynamics of venous disease of the lower extremity Denis Borsuk (Russia)
8:34-8:44 Ultrasound vein valve analysis Johann Chris Ragg (Germany)
8:47-8:57 Venous valve: hemodynamic role and clinical implications Fedor Lurie (USA)
9:00-9:10 Factors involved in outflow and the importance of the venous pump Eduardo S. da Matta
9:13-9:23 Delineation of venous disease based on computerized tomography venography in ambulatory patients Denis Borsuk (Russia)
9:26-9:36 Redefining incompetent perforator definition Sergio Gianesini (Italy)
9:39-9:59 DISCUSSION Moderador: Lowell Kabnick (USA)
10:02-10:22 Coffee Break
10:33-10:43 Present and future of the endovascular treatment of the chronic venous disease Uldis Maurins (Latvia)
10:46-10:56 Influence of 1940 nm wavelength on endovenous ablation results Uldis Maurins (Latvia)
10:59-11:09 Fiber type as compared to wavelength may contribute more to improving postoperative recovery following endovenous laser ablation Lowell Kabnick (USA)
11:12-11:22 Morphology of the veins after endovenous laser ablation with different power but with the same LEED Denis Borsuk (Russia)
11:25-11:35 Histologic and sonographic features of holmium laser in the treatment of chronic venous disease Sergio Gianesini (Italy)
11:38-11:48 Ablative techniques for the treatment of elderly patients with advanced CEAP Nara Medeiros (Brazil/RN)
11:51-12:01 Complications of endovenous lasers Lowell Kabnick (USA)
12:04-12:24 DISCUSSION Moderador: Roberto Sacilloto (Brazil/SP)
12:27-13:57 Lunch
14:08-14:18 Phlebological centre based on laser technique – lesson learned, practical advices Uldis Maurins (Latvia)
14:21-14:31 Combination therapy with radiofrequency ablataion under local anesthesia Luis Baldini (Brazil/SP)
14:34-14:44 Prospective randomised study of endovenous radiofrequency obliteration (closure) versus ligation and vein stripping (EVOLVeS)Fedor Lurie (USA)
14:47-14:57 Good scenario for nonthermal nontumescent techniquesMarek Šumaj (Slovakia)
15:00-15:10 Saphenous sparing innovations: the difference among the technique and the strategy Sergio Gianesini (Italy)
15:13-15:23 Hyaluronan in phlebology Johann Chris Ragg (Germany)
15:26-15:36 Bioadhesive Procedures (Venaseal / VeinClose / Bioadhesive Foam) Which future? Samir Velleda (Brazil/RS)
15:39-15:59 DISCUSSION Moderador: Lowell Kabnick (USA)
16:02-16:22 Coffe Break
16:25-16:30 OPENING CASE
16:33-16:43 Compression and Strength Training Eduardo S. da Matta
16:46-16:56 Lower limb volume and perceived exertion variation in standardized walk with and without graduated compression Sergio Gianesini (Italy)
16:59-17:09 Physical principles of compression therapy José Luiz Cataldo (Brazil/SP)
17:12-17:22 Patient-centered outcomes of a dual action pneumatic compression device in comparison to compression stockings for patients with chronic venous disease Fedor Lurie (USA)
17:25-17:35 Compressive therapy after vascular procedures: endolaser, foam sclerotherapy, stripping Marcondes Figueiredo (Brazil/MG)
17:38-17:48 Squeeze your brain to compress your patient's legs? Felipe Mamprim (Brazil/SC)
17:51-18:01 Novel Compression therapies Johann Chris Ragg (Germany)
18:04-18:24 DISCUSSION Moderador: Kasuo Miyake
18:27-18:37 Endovenous laser ablation of the saphenous veins more than 2 cm of the diameter - 2017 Hirosh Miyake Winner Denis Borsuk (Russia)
21:00 Black Tie Party

Sunday - March 4th

Time Title/Event Speaker
8:23-8:53 Edited Live Case: EVLA of great saphenous vein in tumescent anesthesia. Uldis Maurins (Latva)
8:56-9:26 Edited Live Case: Percutaneous Inverted Saphenectomy Kasuo Miyake (Brazil/SP)
9:29-9:59 Edited Live Case: Radiofrequency of great saphenous vein in tumescent anesthesia. Luis Baldini (Brazil/SP)
10:02-10:22 Coffee Break
10:25-10:30 OPENING CASE
10:33-10:43 Thromboprophylaxis in venous procedures: when and how? Eduardo Ramaccioti (Brazil/SP)
10:46-10:56 Should We be Concerned About EHIT? Lowell Kabnick (USA)
10:59-11:09 Ultrasound pitfalls: ascending reflux of the Giacomini vein, sciatic varicose veins, pelvic veins and others Robson Miranda (Brazil/SP)
11:12-11:22 Recanalization of the great saphenous vein. 36 months follow-up of all techniques. What's in common? Samir Velleda (Brazil/SC)
11:25-11:48 DISCUSSION Moderador: Fedor Lurie (USA)
11:51-12:24 CLaCS Live Demonstration Kasuo Miyake (Brazil/SP)
12:27-12:57 Lunch
14:00-14:31 The importance of receiving reception for the result Dirceu Arantes (Brazil/SP)
14:34-14:44 How to treat insurence pacients as private pacients Henrique Storino (Brazil/SP)
14:47-14:57 Cybersecurity to the Healthcare Market Antonio Jordão de Barros Jr (Brazil/SP)
15:00-15:10 What marketing has to do with medical entrepreneurship Rodolfo Freire (Brazil/SP)
15:13-15:23 How to strategically think about your social network: 10 tips to improve your online presence Rodolfo Freire (Brazil/SP)
15:26-15:36 Legal aspects and pitfalls in day to day medical marketing Daniel Coutinho (Brazil/MT)
15:39-15:59 DISCUSSION Moderador: Luis Fernando Albernaz (Brazil/RS)
16:02-16:22 Coffe Break
14:00-14:05 OPENING CASE
16:33-16:43 SOX and ATTRACT trials should NOT result in a change in clinical practice Fedor Lurie (USA)
16:46-16:56 Update in the management of superficial thrombophlebitis Eduardo Ramaccioti (Brazil/SP)
16:59-17:09 Update on the use of new anticoagulants in day to day outpatient phlebology Ivan Casella (Brazil/SP)
17:12-17:22 Invasive treatment of deep venous disease Fedor Lurie (USA)
17:25-17:35 What has changed in the last 30 years in the endovascular treatment of deep vein thrombosis? Francisco Osse (Brazil/SP)
17:38-17:48 Treatment of deep vein thrombosis and post thrombotic syndrome: complementary approaches to compression therapy Eduardo S. da Matta
17:51-18:01 Endovascular reconstruction of the inferior vena cava Francisco Osse (Brazil/SP)
18:04-18:24 DISCUSSION Moderador: Lowell Kabnick (USA)

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