2, 3 e 4 de março
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Programação Científica

March 2nd

Treatment of Hand Veins

Treatment of Reticular Veins and Telangiectasias on the Face

Treatment of Veins on Breast, Gluteal Area, Arms and Torso

Quality of Life Scores Applied to Aesthetic Phlebology

IMAP Opening Ceremony

Score9-1: Improve your diagnosis and also separate functional of aesthetic (private) treatment. Tips on the use of Augmented Reality and Ultrasound in an Aesthetic Phlebology clinic

Aesthetic Phlebology in England. Methods and Tips

CLaCS in Latvia. 2 years Experience

First Year of CLaCS in Austria

Aesthetic Phlebology in Germany. Methods and Tips

Evolution of Aesthetic Phlebology in the Last 2 Years in Russia

Aesthetic Phlebology in Dubai. Methods and Tips

CLaCS in Servia. 4 years experience

CLaCS in France. How Important is Leg Vein Appearance for French Population

CLaCS in USA. 4 Years Experience

Aesthetic Phlebology in Italy.

How to Avoid Complications in Injection Sclerotherapy

CLaCS Round Table – Best and Worst Cases

Live Demonstration of a long CLaCS session. Dual HD Cameras With Live Edition on the Famous 16x3 Meters LED 4k Display.

Social: Dinner with Experts (save your spot: maximum of 8 per table)

March 3rd

Ultrasound in Aesthetic Phlebology: the phlebologist’s “Stethoscope”

300ms to 1000ms Reflux Symptomatic Patient: What should We Do

Ultrasound Evaluation of Perforating Veins

When do We Need to Treat Perforant Veins

Surgical Ligature of Perforator Veins

Endovenous Ablation of Perforator Veins

Radiofrequency for Perforator Veins

The use of Glue to treat Perforator Veins

Treating Perforators With Foam Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound Mapping of Nerves: Live Tips

New Methods for Future Phlebology

Tips to Optimize the Use of Transdermal Laser: How to Make Your Purchase Feasible

Pricing in Aesthetic Phlebology

Special Presentation of the Hiroshi Miyake Award 2017 Winner: Denis Borsuk – Russia)

Hiroshi Miyake Award 2018 Abstract – Finalist 1

Hiroshi Miyake Award 2018 Abstract – Finalist 2

Hiroshi Miyake Award 2018 Abstract – Finalist 3

Hiroshi Miyake Award 2018 Abstract – Finalist 4

Hiroshi Miyake Award 2018 Abstract – Finalist 5

Social: Black Tie Party (Hiroshi Miyake Award Ceremony and Special Raffles)

March 4th

Satellite Live Transmission of Radiofrequency on Saphenous Vein

Satellite Live Transmission of the Treatment of Saphenous Veins With Glue

Satellite Live Transmission of Robotized Endovenous Laser Ablation

Vascular echography applied to thermos-ablation: preoperative planning, intraoperative and postoperative control

Principles of Endovenous Laser Ablation with 1470nm Laser and Radial Emitting Fibers

Mini-Phlebectomy with Crochet Hook Under Local Anesthesia

Endovenous Laser Ablation for Higher CEAPs

Laser Crossectomy With Double Ring Radial Fiber: Experience with More than 7000 Procedures

Cyanoacrylate Glue for Truncal Reflux

Update on the Use of New Anticoagulants in Day to Day Outpatient Phlebology

Importance of Embolization in the Treatment of Leg Varices Due to Pelvic Venous Insufficiency

The Legal Challenges of Disruptive Technology

Electronic Records

Social Media

Branding Your Clinic

Facebook: What Should We Know

How Google and your Clinic

WhatsApp: advantages and disadvantages

Fidelizing your patient

IMAP Closing Ceremony with CLaCS Certification Certificate Delivery

Patrocínios / Apoio